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19 Nov 5 Precision Agriculture Mobile Apps for Farm Business Owners

Precision agriculture is a leading industry for mobile applications, and it is changing the way farm business owners operate.

Mobile applications can aid the entire farming process, whether it is collecting data using smart machinery, guiding systems, monitor and sensory technology, or mobile weather apps, agriculture today has automated technology unlike any other trade.

1. Farm At Hand
farm at hand agriculture website
Farm At Hand is one of the most forward-thinking farm business management apps available – and it happens to have been built by Saskatchewan entrepreneurs.

This app is built for the farming business on-the-go. Keep farming at your fingertips and track all field activities such as planting, spraying, scouting, harvesting, and more. This automated dashboard downloads reports at ease for insurance, agronomists, and consultants.

This exceptional system is secure and they do not sell your farm data or share it with third party. You own your data and share the data with those you work with.

2. MachineryGuide
machinery app guide
This application is a pioneer in guidance (tractor navigation) software that assists a farmer to edge along their ideal track by gearing to straight reference lines. With this application (and an antenna that they send you for buying the GPS application) you can achieve a simple precision guide application without purchasing any fancy and expensive equipment.

This application is built for Android platforms only.

3. Scoutpro
scoutpro app
What started as a university start up, turned into a viable technology assisting farmers to scout crops and identify and map pest problems, with more efficiency to avoid any long-term crop issues.
Scoutpro technology is a solution fit for all pest control including simple weed, insect, disease, or disorder ID assistance. Scoutpro is available for iPhone and Android platforms.

4. Agribotix
agriculture app agribotix
Agricultural drones are the new technology everyone is talking about.

Agribotix, paired with an adaptable quad-copter drone, makes agriculture intelligence accessible. This simple cloud-based platform identifies areas of concern in the field and rapidly returns reliable health maps. This image processing and analytic service uploads hundreds of images during the drone flight, and within hours, the Agribotix application will churn out high quality data in a way that is digestible for everyone viewing the results.

5. FarmLogs
This application is a perfect solution for a farm owner on-the-go. FarmLogs app gives you the ability to see in-season crop health maps, rainfall and heat reports, soil data, crop history, yield maps, and more.

FarmLogs is backed by cloud technology which allows for synchronized data between all your devices – even when cell coverage is spotty. With its simple inventory management system, you are able to plan your inputs for the season, watch growth stage analysis, and yield maps no matter where you are.