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03 May How to Make Your Social Media More Loveable

A loveable social media is an equally loved brand.

The quote….

“If content is fire, then social media is gasoline.” – Craig Faulkner

… had me thinking.

Social media is both a blessing and a curse for any brand to deal with.

There, I said it.

I’m sure there are a few out there that can relate.

Because when it comes to the expectations of how we treat our social media channels, as brands, we have to do it right for it to be considered important or relevant, or even worth a 30-second read to our customers.

To stand out against the clutter is one main reason we all utilize social media to promote our brand, product, service, you name it, but social media isn’t just about the push for promotion anymore – it is about making your brand humanized and even loveable.

But where do you start!?

Here are some quick ways to start making your social media more loveable:

#1. Develop Social Channel Voices

Your brand deserves a voice, and keep in mind how many other comparable businesses are using the same social platforms to promote similar services.

I know – we are all different….. *plays kumbaya around a campfire*

To truly stand out, create loveable personalities for each of your channels:

loveable social media development insightrixloveable social media development

By creating separate brand voices for your channels, your social media team are able to control the message without the communication being micro-managed by upper staff.

Sometimes, brands utilize in-house resources, and as a result, have multiple social media managers. This can actually lend hand to an inconsistent messaging being published which should be avoided.

When you create a voice by channel, you are respecting your brands appearance in more than one way.

If you have integrated channel voices and you still have problems controlling the message, have your social media team sign their initials after each post to be transparent (as well as accountable) for what is being published publically.

For example, SaskTel Support:

sasktel social media saskatchewan

Treating each social media channel differently is important in implementing a loveable social media, as user behaviours diverge greatly between the accessed mediums.

Below is a classic infographic I tend to refer back to when I discuss brand voices with clients:

what is social media

It’s important to remember the dynamics of each channel to create your message.

For example:


  • No hashtags
  • Avoid inspirational memes (and memes all together for that matter….)
  • LinkedIn should not be treated as your personal profile – keep it targeted, and your messaging professional – avoid ‘liking’ everyone’s posts to avoid a rigid algorithmic-driven feed pushing information unfit for your social stream
  • Post 1-2 times a day to feed, 2-3 times a day to Pulse/Comments/Sharing with Groups



  • 140 characters, with less characters if a visual is included
  • Because Twitter invented hash tagging –be tag targeted (but get tag happy J)
  • Blend professionalism and personality
  • Check your Twitter analytics monthly for data on your brand’s online presence (
  • Generally post 2-5 times a day
  • Always good to follow the content rule of thirds
    (1/3 personality posts, 1/3 third party posts, 1/3 promotional posts)



  • Visual assets are important on Facebook
    • Memes, GIFs, inspirational quotes
  • Be personable and tell stories
    • Best method in engaging with your B2C customers, gathering feedback, opinions, etc.
  • Comment, commentate, and always show pictures of real people, doing real things.
  • Messages can be boosted quickly for immediate exposure with a targeted audience

Also know when to post:

social media schedule social media calendar

#2. Manage Your Content Personality

Brand voices are a great vehicle to drive content personality. Further, treating each channel respectively will also aid in maintaining fascinating content identity.  To compliment your brand voice, there are visual assets that are taking the social media world by storm. Assets like memes and GIFS have since become the new digital currency of marketing, even if they aren’t quite your thing.

Why use memes?

Well because these visual assets are a relative way to get your audience to “read between the lines” and simply, they are a welcomed element in make your brand more loveable on social media.

For years, pop culture has always been referred to in order to create relatable anecdotes and not much has changed, except that personalities of pop culture are now attributed in marketing to emphasize the promotional information, and in this case, they are used often.

Insightrix Digital® are always trying to find the best way to create a loveable brand experience, and it is why we sometimes use memes as well as GIFs to add personality to our content:

a) Use memes to get noticed while live tweeting conferences & events:

insightrix social media memes

b) Adding a visual reference to the article they are about to click:

social media development 2social media development

c) And to simply poke some fun!

social media development 3

#3. Create Clickable Content

The 3 C’s we follow – Create Clickable Content.

A recent study conducted by Content Marketing Institute 1 noted that B2B and B2C marketers believe one of the biggest problems of 2016 is producing engaging content (50%), and producing content consistently (44%).  Engaging content differs between industry, job, geographically, etc. – but what doesn’t differentiate between mediums (or industries) is attempting to engage your customer with the ability to tell a good story.

Create content people care about.

….how though?

Take how Insightrix Digital developed several free eBooks for example. We produced data visualized content in order to share high level statistics of social media habits in Saskatchewan.


  1. We are full suite market research firm
  2. As a digital division, we are backed by data science
  3. We are considered local experts in Saskatchewan
  4. The same audience who would be interested in our free data report would also be interested in our paid services

The Social Media Usage in Saskatchewan (eBook and landing page) resulted in a 34% view-to-submission rate, resulting in a 38% submission-to-contact rate.

#4. Retarget your premium content, don’t rehash it

Some content writers put a valiant amount of effort into writing which can make the producer biased when it comes to promoting via social media.

Now this isn’t a matter of ‘one and done’ – no post should see the social media light a single time, and it is why sharing options are one of the best ways to promote!  However, retargeting your premium content can become intrusive after a while.

For example, say your social media team produced a light-hearted graphic about the amount of beer Canadians consume on St. Patrick’s Day. This is a fun way to make your brand shine on social media, for sure.

However, if your social media team attempts to share the infographic not once, or twice, or three times, but 5 or more, this can skew the promotional content on your customer/client/lead’s social media feed, leaving qualified leads in the dust!

Large corporations can sometimes get away with extensive automated content promotion such as this, but the small brand cannot benefit from this type of promotion.


Because a small businesses general audience (assumedly) are well targeted and if so, expect these leads to have lighter feeds than the major league players. With smaller feeds comes less content, and if you bombard your infographic 10 times in a week, you could potentially lose a follower.

One way to retarget your content without it feeling rehashed is to simply change the messaging or the visual asset:

social media development 5social media development 4

Both messages depict a separate highlight of the exact same promotional marketing material, yet they both stand alone and are digestible, sharable, and provide insight into what your customer would click on.

So there you have it folks.  Whether you’re on social media to promote your services, gain subscribers, or drive customer service strategy, your customers have to know why they are there in the first place. They need a reason to stay engaged and a loveable social media channel can accomplish that.